Locanda del Papa The house and the estate

The house and the estate

It was an ancient share cropping farm of 1600, totally renovated in 2005. Today it comprises 25 magnificent acres of land and woods. I was moved during the renovations to discover traces of a history made by a people at once simple and proud. Once upon a time all those rules and regulations that often make life complicated did not exist. Thus from a love story a House was born comprised of a barn and a kitchen on the ground floor, and a bedroom with storeroom on the first floor. Then the children were born: some left never to return; others, especially the women, followed full of hope their own love story. A few remained, and thus the House was enlarged, or better, lengthened, because climbing stairs was very difficult. The family used to go with a wagon to gather stones, sometimes taking them from the ancient Roman Via Aurelia that passes close by, and an addition to the House took shape. This whole history, made of struggles, dreams, hopes, illusions and passions, is hidden in the spirit of the House. Sometimes, in the season of a thousand colors, helped perhaps by a good glass of wine, I can tell you what reality, mingled with a bit of fantasy, the House and Estate have transmitted to us.

our small tractor our small tractor our crops our olive trees fruit tree the hill our friend's donkeys our chickens mom bunny our cabbage and fennel our figs fruits, jam and our zucchini The Pope making jams breakfast breakfast is ready! So Hungry! guests at breakfast me, my wife and my son The Pope and grandson me and Maia