The Family of the Pope

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accommodation manarola
accommodation manarola

Locanda del papa

Why has the farm inn been called “Locanda del Papa”? Everyone from time immemorial has always added to the component names of my family the surname “of the Pope.” When I was very young and handsome I asked myself and others why this name? I asked my parents, grandparents, uncles, and everyone gave me a different explanation. Maybe it was to distinguish us from others who had the same last name, but in the end I came to believe the story I will now tell you. Once upon a time whoever came from the South and thus also from Rome, in order to reach Genoa had no other way but the ancient Via Aurelia, that passed by then as now the places where we have always lived. It is told that one day the Pope and his entourage was traveling along this road headed toward Genoa and perhaps Avignon. Well, at a certain point, perhaps to stock up on water and let the horses drink, he stopped at a fountain that gushes naturally from a knoll that belonged to my family. The fountain still exists today and is the delight of cyclists before facing the ascents of the Foce. Since that time to my family name another was added: family of the Pope, precisely.

What to do

The best is not to do anything.
Have you thought about it? Entire days lived without working! Isnʼt that fantastic? To chat with someone or follow the silent thread of memory, to take slow walks and relax till late, or else to awaken early to see what new thing has grown in the fields, to read in the shadow of the oak, to play with children (...we never do it enough!) to enjoy the setting sun with a glass of wine in hand.
Help me to make bread and focaccia or come with me to discover places with a hint of mystery: perhaps to discover the butterfly of San Lorenzo in the fullness of the summer solstice; or perhaps prepare the bonfire of Saint Anthony on June 12 and celebrate as they do in Lisbon with the incredible taste of charcoal cooked anchovies.
We can do many things together, but let me say to you one more time: at least for a moment let us live without responsibilities!

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