If you are a hiking lover our B&b is the right place!

Historical mule track between Riomaggiore and the watershed Vara-Mare. This trail begin from our door and you car reach Riomaggiore, first of Cinque Terre in aroun 2 hours. This beautiful trail branches off from the road near the Castle - beyond which one finds the aedicula dedicated to the Madonna del Castello - and then it climbs again up to cross the Provincial Road 370 (called Litoranea). Through the terraces of vineyards and vegetable gardens, the path No. 501 quickly climbs the Costa Campione again. Along the route one notices the neglected vineyards making way for the chestnut forests and the pinewoods. On one side of a vineyard there is a tabernacle which contained a votive image made of white marble representing the Immaculate, that is no longer present. The aedicula is commonly known as "Maduneta di Palermi", since it was named after the customer's family.
We have personally made a detailed guide with pictures about the trail No. 501, will be a pleasure for us to give you a copy, so you can do the hike without problems and thoughts. If you want we can prepare a small lunch for your hiking with our delicious focaccia with tomatoes, with onions and with cheese.

If you like hiking our house it is really a great place. During the past seasons we had many different type of Hikers, we have hosted pilgrims that made a stop along the Via Francigena and we had trail running fans.

Trails for dozens of miles, trails for every level, If you like hiking, from our house you can reach :

598-1 (AV5T 1) Portovenere - Telegrafo
598-2 (AV5T 1) Telegrafo - Cigoletta
598-3 (AV5T 1) Cigoletta - Il Termine
593V (ex 3a) Riomaggiore - Madonna di Montenero
530 Telegrafo - Volastra
530c Bramapane - Cava (Scala Santa)
501 (ex n. 01) Riomaggiore - Sella La Croce
502 (ex n. 02) Tornate Groppo - Sella M. Galera
504 (ex n. 4) Sant'Antonio - Schiara

Are you coming for hiking?

Our trails are not especially challenging but we are talking about hiking, there are few measures to be take:
a pair of proper shoes, a small backpack with a little 'of water and food, if possible a mobile, just in case... and a lot of passion and pleasure in walking in the middle of the nature.